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4 Creative Tools to Help You Thrive at Work

Spark ideas, uncover new possibilities and expand your skills.

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What to Expect

Explore a selection of tools

We’ll cover 4 creative, writing-based tools ranging from writing sprints to inspiring images.

Enhance your soft-skills

The activities we share can help you to see new perspectives, tap into your intuition, boost your emotional IQ and more.

Support your professional growth

By trying out some or all of the activities, you can add an extra dimension to your continuing professional development.

Experience an activity

During the video, we’ll take you step-by-step through a mindful writing activity – great for grounding yourself and finding calm.

Does this sound like you?

Do you like finding creative solutions? Do you enjoy learning about the world around you?

Perhaps you are…

  • Open-minded and full of curiosity
  • Inspired by creative approaches
  • Interested in exploring different perspectives

If so, dive into our free video for some creative tools to add to your professional development toolkit.

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Kate McBarron. I’ll be guiding you through our video tutorial and introducing you to a selection of tools to support you in your working life. These are tools that I use regularly myself and I wouldn’t be without them. For over a decade, I have studied and practiced the art & science of using writing to enhance daily life. It’s a topic I feel passionate about. I hope our video will ignite your interest too!

The Benefits

The creative tools we share in our video offer numerous potential benefits. These include a chance to:

  • pause for thought

  • develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • uncover insights into circumstances and relationships

  • open up new perspectives

  • stimulate creative thinking

  • enhance motivation

  • increase confidence and sense of agency

  • build resilience

  • provide clarity and direction

    …and more.

From Our Workshops

I would thoroughly recommend attending any of Kate’s events, you will surprise yourself and come away with new and life enhancing skills.”

“For the first time in my life, I have sat down and written without awaiting a result, or grade being awarded…  a relief and great experience, which has really opened my eyes.”

“I very much enjoyed your session … lots of food for thought.”

Your Free Video

What next?

If you’re keen to explore any of the ideas we covered in the video, you might like to try our Reflect, Reset, Reconnect workshop.

It’s a two hour, online session where you’ll get to experience the four different writing approaches. You will be welcomed into a supportive space where we follow the principles of non-judgement and empathy, and you’ll be guided through each activity step-by-step.

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