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Writing Guidelines


Write without judgement

The writing you do here is for your benefit. You do not need to share it with anyone else or worry about what others might think. Equally, make sure that you are kind to yourself too! Try to leave your inner critic somewhere else.

Forget presentation!

Spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting do not matter here. The important thing is to get your words down on the page. How you present them is up to you!

Write from the heart

Writing for wellbeing is most powerful when you come at it from a place of authenticity. Being honest with yourself can help to reveal insights that will prove useful over the longer term.

Monitor your emotions

Writing can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and empowerment. It can help you to order your thoughts, make sense of your feelings and uncover new and useful insights about the world. However, it can also open up unresolved emotions and lead you into difficult emotional territory. This might happen when you least expect it, so check in with yourself regularly. If you start to feel uncomfortable while doing any of the activities in this toolkit then put your writing to one side and focus on a positive, self-care activity instead. You might like to try this short grounding activity.

Trust the process

Writing for wellbeing can seem unfamiliar to start with. However, unless you start to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, do see the activities you choose through to the end. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results!