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Kate and Heather are writers and facilitators who are passionate about the power of words for self-development.

With considerable experience and expertise in the corporate world and education, they recognise the need for new approaches to wellbeing in the workplace.

In light of this need, they offer a range of writing for wellbeing services which sit comfortably within the current wellness agenda and can enhance both your life and your work environment.


Our Services

For Organisations

Taster sessions and tailored workshops to suit your needs.

For Individuals

A free online toolkit focusing on wellbeing at work.

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Why Writing?

When we write in a way that encourages creativity, free expression and reflection the experience has much to offer. 

Writing can:

Relieve stress and anxiety

Develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Offer insights into circumstances and relationships

Open up new perspectives

Stimulate creative thinking

Enhance motivation

Increase confidence and a sense of agency

Build resilience

Provide clarity and direction

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Writing for wellbeing events

Writing for wellbeing facilitators hold workshops and events on a regular basis around the country. Find out what's happening in your area by checking out the Lapidus Events Calendar.

What you write is never wrong
It’s one of the most comforting and liberating parts of writing for wellbeing: there is no such thing as bad writing. You can’t ‘do it wrong’. The words you choose will always be right,…
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