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Professional development workshops and events

We can all benefit from pressing pause once in a while. Our professional development workshops encourage you to notice, ask questions and discover ways to enhance your working world.

Reflect, Reset, Reconnect

An introduction to creative reflection

Would you like to shake up your thinking? Are you looking for fresh ideas to improve your workplace or professional life? We have something for you…

Our ‘Reflect, Reset, Reconnect’ workshop will introduce you to a writing-based, creative approach which you can use to spark ideas and deepen awareness

Who is the workshop for?

If you’re full of curiosity, enjoy creative activities and like to explore new perspectives then we think you’ll get a huge amount from our approach.

This introductory workshop is suitable for anyone who would like to use writing, reflection and creative thinking as tools for professional developmentYou won’t need any previous experience with this approach. Just bring along your curiosity and a willingness to have a go!

What to expect

During this two hour, online workshop you will experience four different creative reflection activities, which you’ll be guided through step-by-step. We’ll use a range of prompts – including objects, images and your own experiences in the workplace.

We keep the workshops small (4-10 people plus your facilitator), so there are plenty of opportunities to share ideas. We’ll invite you to participate in our whole-group discussions, where you can reflect on the writing process and your experience of the activities. You can also share your writing at these points if you’d like to – but there’s no pressure to do so.

We want as many people as possible to be able to benefit from creative reflection for professional development. We aim to make our workshops inclusive and accessible. If you have any questions or particular requirements, please reach out to us.

By the end of the workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Use a range of writing, reflection and creative thinking techniques to explore your working context and practice
  • Reflect on the writing process and your own writing, identifying helpful insights
  • Relate any insights to future working practice and professional development


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We offer dedicated ‘Reflect, Reset, Reconnect’ workshops for freelancers, small business owners and writers, alongside our core workshop which is for professionals from all backgrounds. Let us know which one you’re interested in by ticking the relevant box below.

Our approach

We use an approach that combines the well-established discipline of reflective practice with creative, expressive and intuitive ‘writing for wellbeing‘ techniques.

This combination allows you to gain extra opportunities for insights and professional development. 

You can use this approach alongside other reflective practice activities, to complement your experience and add a new dimension to your thinking. Or, you can use it as a standalone tool. Either way, this type of writing and reflection offers the chance to approach your working life from a new perspective. It can even open the door to creative and innovative ways forward.

Building on firm foundations

Writing as a tool for reflection, discovery and self-development is, of course, not a modern invention. Over the centuries, many individuals have instinctively turned to diaries, journalling, poetry, fiction and life-story writing to help articulate their experiences, express themselves, deepen self-awareness and move towards personal growth.

In our ‘writing for professional development’ workshops, we build on these concepts. We draw on theory and practice from fields such as coaching, counselling, positive psychology, therapeutic writing, the Arts and, of course, reflective practice. In this way, writing’s transformative potential is released.

At Writing for Life, we believe this approach has the potential to help any professional who is seeking personal growth in the workplace and who is able & willing to give writing a go.

The benefits of this approach

The potential benefits are numerous and can include a chance to:

  • pause for thought

  • develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • uncover insights into circumstances and relationships

  • open up new perspectives

  • stimulate creative thinking

  • enhance motivation

  • increase confidence and sense of agency

  • build resilience

  • provide clarity and direction

  • relieve stress and anxiety

  • benchmark progress

  • prepare for meetings and events, such as appraisals, interviews, supervision sessions or presentations

  • navigate change