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Are you looking for fresh ideas? Want to explore new perspectives? Our Reflect, Reset, Reconnect for Writers workshop will help to shake up your thinking.

Reflect, Reset, Reconnect

for Writers

Join us for this professional development workshop dedicated to writers, where we’ll guide you through a selection of creative activities to help spark ideas and uncover insights.

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, you can feel at home here. You’ll have the chance to play with words and try out a variety of techniques in order to support any aspect of your work. You might choose to focus on an existing writing project, on a new creative concept, on workplace wellbeing, or on wider working practices. Whatever you choose, you can explore it in a welcoming and supportive space.

You won’t need any previous experience with the approach we offer here. Just bring along your curiosity and a willingness to have a go.

What to expect

During this two hour, online workshop you will experience a variety of writing and reflection activities, which you’ll be guided through step-by-step. We’ll use a range of prompts – including objects, images and your own experiences with work.

We keep the workshops small (4-10 people plus your facilitator), so there are plenty of opportunities to share ideas. We’ll invite you to participate in our whole-group discussions, where you can reflect on the writing process and your experience of the activities. You can also share your writing at these points if you’d like to – but there’s no pressure to do so.

We want as many people as possible to be able to benefit from this approach to professional development. We aim to make our workshops inclusive and accessible. If you have any particular requirements, we will do our best to meet them.

By the end of the workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Use a range of writing, reflection and creative techniques to explore your working context and practice
  • Reflect on the writing process and your own writing, identifying helpful insights
  • Relate any insights to future working practice and professional development
  • Consider how you might use writing and reflection to support future professional development

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