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Long Length

We suggest you might like to spend 20-30 minutes on this activity.

Medium Length

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We suggest you might like to spend 10-20 minutes on this activity.

Short Length

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We suggest you might like to spend 5-10 minutes on this activity.

do not matter here

You can forget anything you might normally associate with ‘good writing’. You’re not trying to create high art. Instead, you are using words as a tool to benefit you. All you need to focus on is getting your own thoughts, feelings and ideas on the page.

for your benefit

Writing for your wellbeing isn’t about informing, impressing or influencing anyone else; it is simply writing for yourself. So the process of writing becomes more important than the end product.

this quick grounding activity

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Here and Now   > Choose one of your senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch or taste.   > Use that sense to focus on 3 things around you, wherever you are, right now.   > What 3 things did you focus on?